Becoming International

Communiqué for the Plenty Valley Montessori School Community

In 2012 the Board of Directors passed an official resolution to become an International School, one that actively promotes international education, in an international environment, in the Montessori tradition.

An important aspect of this decision was to refer to the School as as ‘Plenty Valley International Montessori School’. The company name remains ‘The Plenty Valley Montessori School Association’.

As members of our community, you may already have a clear understanding that Montessori is an international curriculum, but this is not always obvious to the wider world. We want to clearly communicate this message to our prospective families and to the wider community.


International School Criteria

At the IASL conference in Italy 2009 (International Association of School Librarianship), the group identified criteria for describing an ‘International School’ and although all international schools may not meet all criteria, a majority would be met. The criteria noted were as follows:

  • Transferability of the students’ education across international schools.
  • A moving population (higher than in state schools).
  • Multinational and multilingual student body.
  • An international curriculum.
  • International accreditation.
  • A transient and multinational teacher population.
  • Non-selective student enrolment.
  • Usually English or bi-lingual as the language of instruction.

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