The Beginning

In 1975 an advertisement was placed in the local paper requesting the attendance at a meeting of anyone interested in a Montessori education for their child.

In 1976 the first School Council of Plenty Valley Montessori School Association was elected. It consisted of eight members elected from the parent group that was ultimately responsible for the school.

The first school began in Montmorency as a sessional preschool with two groups of 17 children.

The Primary School, with 25 children and one teacher (Pennie Puckey), commenced in 1978 in St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall, Montmorency South. The numbers of children and Staff steadily increased, at the same time as the School Council worked hard to find a permanent home for the school. In late 1979 the Plenty Valley Montessori School Association purchased the Aqueduct Road site in St Helena.

PVIMS first class

PVMS 1st Class, 1979 (click image for larger view)

Our School Today

From this small beginning, the school has grown to the multiple Early Learning and Primary Level classrooms that now exist.

Plenty Valley International Montessori School is set on two hectares of picturesque leafy grounds. It consists of Playgroups, Early Learning and Primary School for children, from 6 months to 12 years of age. Plenty Valley International Montessori School celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2011.

There are four Cycle 1 rooms for the 3 – 6 years old. There is one Cycle 2 room and one Cycle 3 room in the school. The school also offers Playgroup from 6 months to 3 years old.

Widely viewed as a model of ‘best practice’ and educational excellence, Plenty Valley International Montessori School attracts high quality and committed staff. All staff are trained in Mainstream Education and have specialised Post-Graduate Qualifications.

Plenty Valley International Montessori School is firmly rooted in the timeless and globally recognised methods of Montessori philosophy, whilst integrating the best of modern education, where appropriate.

We are passionate about empowering children to enhance their individual potential in all aspects of their development.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and their individual learning styles.

We encourage them to develop a love of learning and respect for one another and the world, setting them on the path to becoming well-rounded individuals – our leaders of tomorrow!

The philosophy embraced at Plenty Valley International Montessori School is shared also in the lives of the teachers and the children’s families. This creates a real sense of community that facilitates an all-encompassing environment for growth and sharing.

Plenty Valley International Montessori School is a beautiful, harmonious environment, in which adults and children work together to celebrate the joy of learning and achievement – an education for life.

Moving to the Fourth Plane

Children leaving Plenty Valley International Montessori School at Year 6 level move on to a wide variety of Secondary Schools including schools like Eltham High, Eltham College, St Helena Secondary College, Viewbank Secondary College, Methodist Ladies College, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar, Ivanhoe Grammar, Templestowe College, Trinity College, Xavier College and Plenty Valley Christian School.

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